Cashing in on Teller Cash Recyclers
Posted by Omar Mir, Marketing Communications Coordinator, FTSI on 11/6/2018

To say that investing in the Teller Cash Recycler is a worthwhile investment is an understatement. So what word or phrase effectively describes what a TCR can do for your financial institution? Simplification. We say simplification because of five key reasons; lowering your branch’s operational costs, managing your cash control more effectively, upgrading security for cash storage, increasing revenue at all of your branches, and the ability to create quality time between your tellers and your customers. So let’s get into the details of each of these five key reasons.

  1. Lowering Operational Costs

Lowering a branch’s operational cost is something that will interest any financial institution. Teller Cash Recyclers do this through a few different ways:

  • Eliminates the time consuming and tedious process for tellers to physically count cash
  • High accuracy in cash counting to balance at the end of a teller’s shift
  • Saved hours can be turned into other opportunities for tellers to cross train and cross sell
  1. Cash Management

TCR’s manage your cash management and cash security more effectively as well.  With up to 16,250 note dispense capacity and 12,000 note recyclable capacity the LTA-350 is one of the most efficient teller cash recyclers on the market. It is also capable of note counting/sorting and serial number tracking which most competing TCRs do not offer. But probably the most important cash control feature of the LTA-350 is its auto self-auditing feature that is not available on the vast majority of other TCRs. With a reject bin capacity of 300 notes, auto-retracting capability, overflow cassette, and cassette tampering indicators the LTA-350 is more than suited to manage cash in your branch.

  1. Improved Security

Replacing cash drawers with cash recyclers can improve security and allow for a more open branch layout. The ability to store cash in a secure machine improves on-site security. With features such as serial number tracking and cassette tamper indicators the LTA-350 provides a cost effective and secure solution.

  1. Increased Revenue and  5) Customer Face Time

Putting the focus back on your customers is essential for any financial institution. Creating quality time between tellers and customers is a great way to increase revenue. Tellers are an important part of your business and engage with customers face-to-face on a daily basis. The LTA-350 will reduce or eliminate the extra hours tellers spend manually performing the cash transfer including validating, counting and sorting cash. With the LTA-350 this process is cut down drastically.  You can reduce inefficient task repetition and reduce the resource drain that counting cash places on your branch’s tellers which opens up opportunities for face-to-face time with customers and cross-selling. If you want to simplify your branches operations then consider the LTA-350.

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