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LEVEL5 offers a fully integrated approach to developing financial facilities. Their process flows from one discipline to the next so that critical information about the project's purpose and success is maintained. Their principals are involved at every step as the client's advocate to ensure the highest quality result and most positive experience.

LEVEL5 exclusively serves financial institutions in developing and implementing growth strategies through a continuum of five levels of service including: strategic consulting, real estate, integrated design, construction management, and branding. Through a philosophy encompassing multi-faceted integration, they are dedicated to helping you transform the way your credit union does business.

FxAMPIntroducing FxAMP (Fixed Asset Management Plan)

Changes in the NCUA’s fixed asset rule change allow more flexibility for expansion. Because the management team remains responsible for safety, soundness, and performance, a management process is warranted for fixed asset investment.

FxAMP provides management and boards a report that demonstrates the measures taken to ensure prudent operation. To learn more click on the icon where you register for an account.

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