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Ser's technology has made life better for both credit unions and their members. Over the past 3 years, Fetch Marketing™ has helped 450 credit unions generate new loans, while Protect Analytics™ has protected over $30 billion in portfolio loans. Flitter™, our new FICO credit education service for members, completes the cycle.

We go get and bring back loans. New, lost, and in-market. Everything from autos to credit cards, student, and mortgage loans. Customized, turnkey, pre-approved marketing. And proven! (8% average return over 12 months)

Protect Analytics provides forward looking analyses to help identify risk and opportunity. Our team of credit data and finance experts delivers powerful business intelligence to help you make key decisions. Leverage our technology and expertise; it will save you time and money. Our clients cite annual savings of $200k and less compliance headaches!

A majority of consumers do not know their FICO® Score, nor the importance of having good credit. That is why we developed Flitter. It delivers the real FICO® Score used by lenders and access to robust credit education content.

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